Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Videos and Olympics

*Check out the videos on the Daily Freeman Website. Mayor Sottile comments about the snow and a homicide in Kingston, and we have a brief clip of a bus fire in Midtown. Also go to the Life page for Ivan Lajara's video. We expect to be bringing you a steady digital flow of what we used to called "moving pictures" ("talkies" even) as we step lively to another platform. Put another, the Freeman is not just a newspaper company, but a multi-media company.

*NBC long ago ruined the Olympics by focusing mainly on U.S. athletes - to the exclusion of many worthwhile competitors from the rest of the world - and by tape-delaying events to build story lines, the completion of which would come just before the late news to cap primetime. The Olympics were special back in the black and white TV days of ABC and CBS. The Games were every four years then, Winter and Summer in the same calendar years. To be sure, they also were special because the world wasn't as connected. So seeing exotic and grainy images of athletes from other continents was truly unique. But times and marketing have changed. Now NBC promotes the Olympics by disguising commercials as news stories on the Nightly News and Today Show. Worse, Matt Lauer will signal an interview with a U.S. Olympian as "exclusive." Of course, it's exclusive. NBC is paying a pile of cash for the Olympics, while the other networks virtually ignore the Games, in part because they don't have access to video.

*Matt Lauer's "exclusive" this morning was an interview with someone named Lindsey Vonn, who was revealing an injury that might keep her out of the skiing competition. Until yesterday, I'd never heard of Lindsey Vonn. Then I saw a picture of her. On the ski slopes? No, in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. If she does compete in the Games, I hope she dresses warmer than she was when posing in the magazine.
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