Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday musings

*For your viewing pleasure, "Men of a Certain Age," Ray Romano's new weekly series on TNT. Excellent cast, quality writing.

*Sorry to learn of the death today of actress Brittany Murphy, 32. To be truthful, I'd never heard of her until the other day, when I listened to an interview with her and actor Adam Scott on Adam Carolla's podcast. She sounded engaging and funny. News of her passing today from an apparent heart attack was a shocker.

*Fun to see analyst Charles Davis working the Jets game this afternoon on Fox. Davis was one of the top athletes and best people I covered all those years ago when I was writing sports and he was a three-sport star at New Paltz High School.

*Speaking of Fox, one question for the guys on the pre-game show - the same one I'd ask their counterparts on CBS: What's so funny? The laughter is forced.

*No snow for us in the Kingston area, yet nearby, including New York City and Long Island, they were clobbered. It just goes to show how difficult it is to predict the weather and how much difference there can be within a fraction of an inch on the map.
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