Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Around and about

*I see where they've designated a stretch in Kingston near the intersection of Albany and Manor avenues in honor of the 156th National Guard. Problem is, they're calling it a "highway." Locals know it isn't a highway. Hopefully out-of-towners won't feel free to zip along at 55+ mph.

*Could the work nearly be complete at the gas station at the entrance to the former Caldor strip mall in the town of Ulster (which currently houses Burlington Coat Factory and Staples, among other retailers)? It's been an eyesore and an inconvenience for what seems like years. A quick glance the other day, however, seemed to reveal long-awaited progress.

*Each time I walk around the track at Dietz Stadium (which is not often enough for someone like me who needs lots of exercise), I'm struck by the number of people who take advantage of this wonderful facility. I remember writing a series of columns more than two decades ago terming the stadium "Delapidated Dietz." It's hardly that now (although I must confess, I miss the baseball field on which famous players like Satchel Paige once played). That said, while there are many reasons to complain about the state of Kingston these days, Dietz Stadium isn't one of them. It's a gem the city shouldn't allow to go into disrepair.
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