Friday, September 18, 2009


I've "earned" two speeding tickets in my four-plus decades behind the wheel, none in at least 30 years. A.J. Foyt I'm not.

Nevertheless, unless they've been absolutely reckless, I cringe when I see motorists pulled over by one of the three police agencies that regularly and annoyingly write tickets along Route 28 between Kingston and Woodstock.

Yet, the old line "You never can find a cop when you need one," came to mind late yesterday afternoon when I was driving home and was passed on the right by a hot red sports car badly in need of a muffler. A quick glance revealed the driver was texting as he zipped along (and ultimately screeched into the Hess gas station).

It's not an understatement to say I was horrified at the utter disregard for human life (his and others) that this person exhibited.

Think about it: 50 or so miles per hour along a state highway and texting at the same time.

Had I the presence of mind, I would have tried to get the license number, pulled over and called the authorities.

I hope this guy is caught - if he texted while driving once, it's not a stretch to imagine him doing it again - before he kills someone.
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