Monday, August 24, 2009

The way I see it ...

*Like the Ryder Cup for male professional golfers, the Solheim Cup for the women pros offers an entertaining format that often provides memorable moments. But both are entirely too jingoistic for my taste. (If Tiger Woods ever wears a tattoo on his cheekbone, the way the U.S. women wore on theirs, you'll know the world is over as we know it.)

*We've reached a point in this country where a president or senator or congressman can look someone in the eye and declare, "The day after Monday is Tuesday," and ready-to-oppose-anything reactionaries will express disbelief, as in, "You're a liar!"

*It may have rained heavier than it did for about 30 minutes yesterday afternoon just before 6, but I can't remember when.

*I'm supposed to go to the new Yankee Stadium for the first time on Sunday. Yes, I'll stop at the ATM first if I want to eat.

*Happy to report the reaction has been quite favorable to the new Real Estate section we debuted Sunday. Realtors and associates: There's room for you in the Issue No. 2 and beyond. Give your Freeman sales representative a buzz.
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