Friday, September 18, 2009

Two on 10

Sorry I've lost my home access to WTEN-TV now that Time Warner Cable has yanked the Albany channel from homes without digital boxes. That's because on Monday, News 10 is launching a 4 p.m. program co-anchored by my "Media Project" pals Elisa Streeter and Lydia Kulbida.

Lydia's arrival is sure to shake up the ratings in Albany, particularly in favor of struggling Channel 10. She was No. 1 for years (and annually voted "most popular anchor" in two newspaper polls) until WNYT unceremoniously and shockingly failed to renew her contract earlier this year.

Put Lydia with Elisa, an excellent broadcaster in her own right, provide her with additional on-air opportunities down the road, and Channel 10 is sure to get off the mat.
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