Monday, December 22, 2008

The Giants' view

More about the aformentioned "stadium audience":

It was a good to read the following in today's New York Times:

"Pat Hanlon, the Giants’ vice president for communications, said the team got feedback from fans when games were changed from day to night, and most from people not happy.

“'The fans do not return their tickets, but certainly many of them resell their tickets either through our ticket-exchange program or directly themselves,' Hanlon said via e-mail.

"He said that the decision to play at night was made by the NFL’s broadcasting department and that John Mara, the president of the Giants, had lobbied strongly against changing the times of games.

“'He knows it inconveniences some of our longtime season-ticket holders, and he feels an obligation to speak out on their behalf,' Hanlon said. 'We are a traditional organization with a traditional fan base. If it were up to us, all of our games would be played on Sunday afternoon at 1 o’clock.'

"The 'flexible scheduling,' which allows late-season games to be moved from afternoons to nights, is 'another reality of the business,' Hanlon said, because 'our broadcast partners pay our league and its clubs tremendous rights fees.'”

If more John Maras took a cue from Howard Beale, maybe matters would change.
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