Monday, December 15, 2008

Paterson and SNL

Hey, what's the deal with Gov. David Paterson?

If nothing else, in his brief time in office, the "accidental governor" has boasted a neat sense of humor, often making fun of himself and his lack of sight. (Paterson is legally blind.)

So why is he so worked up about "Saturday Night Live's" skit about him?

Sure it was tasteless. But it was a scream. Comic Fred Armisen had Paterson cold. The look, the voice, the expressions, the timing. If Tina Fey had Sarah Palin down pat - and she did - Armisen nailed Paterson.

As The Associated Press pointed out this afternoon, "Paterson has used self-deprecating humor for years, riffing on his own blindness regularly, even on national television. The patter has only increased praise from advocates for the disabled black man who worked his way through Albany's stodgy Senate, was elected lieutenant governor and, in March, became governor."

"I can't recall the last time a politician has reacted negatively to being lampooned on 'Saturday Night Live,'" Marist College pollster Lee Miringoff told AP. "It humanizes them. At least your name is on the marquee."

"I don't mind that they make fun of me, but I thought it was important of me to stand up for people who don't have a voice and don't have a job," said Paterson.

The National Federation of the Blind called the skit an "attack on all blind Americans," AP reported.

No it wasn't. It was four minutes of political satire on "Saturday Night Live," the home office for all things mocking for over three decades.

I'm hoping Paterson gets a grip. Maybe the financial pressures of the job - and they're considerable - have put him in a bad mood.

Who isn't in a bad mood?

That's why we need something like thison "Saturday Night Live" to lighten the mood.
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