Thursday, December 11, 2008


So here we are again, the first of what likely will be many bad winter weather days.

The weather forecasters are doing their jobs, alerting the public about what may happen. They have to do it. But they're also scaring the bejesus out of people.

At Ye Olde Freeman, we'll toil as always putting out a newspaper, keeping our fingers crossed that the power doesn't go out, setting us back countless hours. We've moved up our deadlines, just in case. And that also will get delivery vehicles on the road a couple of hours earlier than normal.

But the roads will be dangerous, we're told by the weather forecasters. Some routes will take much longer than usual to complete. Some may not be delivered until later we'd prefer, if rural motor route drivers fear getting behind the wheel.

And then, tomorrow morning, the phones will start ringing in our Circulation Department, as customers - apparently not having looked out the window to see ice or snow or whatever else is slowing us down - berate our clerks for not having received their paper on time.

It's days like these when San Diego sounds awfully nice.
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