Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It looks like Elliott Auerbach of Ellenville has emerged victorious over Jim Quigley of Kingston in the contest to be Ulster County's first elected comptroller.

The best part about this race was that county residents couldn't lose.

Although we believed Quigley had much better credentials for the job, that didn't mean we were unimpressed with Auerbach. On the contrary, both men struck us as solid citizens and fully capable of taking on the challenges of this new position.

Auerbach has long been one of the Freeman's most loyal readers and biggest boosters in his part of Ulster County. Thus, he likely was more than just a little bit disappointed when our editorial page endorsement went to his opponent.

But now that he has the job - presuming no last-minute recount shocker - let the record show that he has our full confidence.
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