Friday, November 21, 2008

Team effort

A guy sent us a comment on our Website this morning pointing to what he claimed was a mistake in one of our stories. If he's right, it won't be the first time our newspaper has made an error (although there are actually very few, particularly given the volume of material that we generate each day).

Anyway, if there was a mistake, the newspaper wants to fix it. And it will, once our managing editor and the reporter backtrack and check the validity of the claim.

The thing is, the guy's Web comment had less to do with trying to set the record straight and more to do with castigating the reporter in unnecessary and unacceptable personal terms.

Let's remind the poster and other readers one more time: Reporters write stories. Stories are edited by one or more editors. Reporters don't write headlines, nor do they decide if, how and where a story appears. In short, a story passes through one or more hands before you read it. It's a team effort.

You want to say bad things about the institution, feel free. Personalizing your beef is unfair, at best, unintelligent at worst.
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