Monday, November 24, 2008

If you're keeping score ...

*The ultimate irony about this Bush presidency is that it appears the administration's best efficient work is being done in assuring a smooth transition for the next president.

*Judging by our mail, it's amazing how many people don't know how to correctly spell the new president's first name - it's Barack, with one R - and the governor's last name - it's Paterson, with one T.

*If George Steinbrenner was still in charge, he'd be calling for somebody's head because the letter K isn't lit up on the new stadium. Instead, passers-by see YAN_EE STADIUM.

*If you don't have home delivery of the Freeman, make sure you know what stores are open Thanksgiving morning and get there early. Thirty or so Black Friday advertising inserts will be included in the holiday paper. And those papers annually sell out in many locations.

*It says here that Sen. Chuck Schumer will have a big say in who Gov. Paterson appoints to replace Hillary Clinton when she becomes secretary of state. Despite being the senior senator from New York, Schumer has largely existed in Clinton's shadow. I'm guessing Paterson - with Schumer's nod of agreement - will select someone competent among whose attributes will include a low profile and a relatively unknown name.
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