Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Afternoon briefing

*It's not exactly a scientific survey, but while I was on the road today with advertising sales rep Victoria Lane I learned the following: Nearly all the real estate brokers said business isn't bad and nearly all the auto dealers said it is. Interestingly, contrary to the trend, one positive auto dealer and one negative real estate broker are in the same town. Go figure.

*Except for when Rob Bartlett is doing a bit (his "Godfather" is particularly hilarious), I've run out of patience listening to Imus in the Morning. Too much repetition, too much forced laughter from sycophant partner Charles McCord, too many plugs for his charity CD.

*The new Yankee Stadium will unofficially open with an exhibition night game against the Cubs in early April. Unless they need a night game in the new park to test the lights, why subject fans and players to early spring cold weather? And why ask people to feel their way in and around the new park in the dark?

*Another day, and still no final vote tally in the Ulster County comptroller election. How come you can never find an auditor when you need one?
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