Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello, Joe

Try to catch this week's installment of The Media Project (WAMC, Sunday at 6 p.m., Monday at 3 p.m.), recorded this morning before an enthusiastic studio audience in Albany. As often is the case, Rex Smith, Alan Chartock and I ditched the list of proposed topics supplied by producer David Guistina and we riffed on other things, naturally the debate, the campaign and, yes, Joe the Plumber among them. If I do say so myself - and who else will? - it was a lively exchange.

As for the aforementioned debate, I called it a draw.

McCain was better prepared than in the past, did his best to unsettle Obama and came armed with specifics.

Obama was unflappable, as usual. He ducked and weaved well and landed a few shots.

In short, no fatal errors, no knockdowns, in my mind a tie. Indeed, I was surprised to learn that the instant polls heavily gave the nod to Obama, and even some of the more moderate to conservative commentators felt the same way.

With less than three weeks to go, the smart money says Obama has the campaign clinched. But the smart money has been wrong before, and lots can happen in a hurry.

One thing about which I think we can all agree: Thank goodness this seemingly endless race for the White House is, in fact, nearing the finish line.
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