Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The second debate

Last night's debate was boring. And that was just what the country needed.

Oh, there were a few political zingers thrown by each candidate. But they were tame and not inappropriate within the context of extremely important discussions about the economy and national security.

There was none of the attack dog nonsense John McCain has assigned to Sarah Palin and other operatives. Had he resorted to that, McCain would have turned off independents and damaged whatever chance he still has to win the election.

As in the first debate, there were no major gaffes. And there was no clear-cut winner.

McCain certainly performed better than in the first debate, repairing some of his wounded image in the process.

Barack Obama held his own, stood up to his veteran opponent's barbs, and continued to "look presidential."

The debate wasn't a game-changer.
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