Friday, October 3, 2008

A wink and a nod

Watch the debate last night. I betcha did!

Can there be any denying that the disciplined, experienced and eloquent Joe Biden was more competent and impressive than Sarah Palin?

Of course there can, because Palin survived 90 minutes, tossed out a few zingers, stuck to the few issues she wanted to repeat (even if they weren't in answer to the questions), looked straight into the camera, was folksy and pleasant, and had no "Katie Couric moments."

In other words, she didn't fall flat on her face, as some in her own party feared. Thus, she exceeded expectations, reassured the base and survived the last big glare in the spotlight before Election Day. Here's the baton back, Senator McCain; you run with it.

But I have to tell you, if she winked at us one more time, I was going to have her arrested for solicitation.

I mean, is "cute" what want we want from the first female GOP candidate for vice president?

Look, this has to be all about Barack Obama and John McCain. There are enough differences between the two to make for a clear-cut ideological decision at the polls. But to the extent Americans care about who's a heartbeat away from the presidency, the debate underscored what we already knew: Sarah Palin is not qualified.
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