Monday, September 15, 2008

Another revolting mess

It's easy to be depressed by the news.

The pictures from Texas are horrific. The reports of the conditions, particularly in Galveston, are hard to fathom. The impact is startling for millions - from those whose homes are lost and lives are ruined, to those whose living conditions aren't that bad, but nonetheless face months of clean up, to the rest of us, who likely will be impacted at the gas pump=.

Then there's the financial crisis, a horrible situation seemingly with no end in sight. Again, primary personal stories first: jobs lost, careers ruined. But beyond that, what becomes of the average citizen's life savings? Are they at risk? No wonder so many Americans are jittery.

And, of course, there's the world picture, still dominated by the unsettled situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, China and Russia, to single out several.

So the world spins as if it's out of control, and the presidential candidates are calling each other names and their aides are playing "gotcha!" and the most important election in decades may be decided based on all the wrong reasons, like race, gender and age.

Yes, it's easy being depressed by the news.
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