Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin vs. Gibson

Here's what we learned from the first part of Charles Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin on last night's ABC evening newscast:

Gibson has the stones to be a sharp interrogator.

Palin crams well, didn't do poorly, but obviously is a virtual stranger to foreign policy. She was particularly weak when pressed by Gibson about the "Bush doctine." But she knew the name of Russia's new president - and if I remember correctly, an interview with President Bush a few years ago proved he couldn't name the leaders of several other countries.

When expectations are low, it doesn't take much to exceed them. Palin's were extremely low and she's easily surpassed them so far. In fact, she's made fewer gaffes than her Democratic counterpart Joe Biden (see this report in today's New York Times. And this one for a review of Palin's first foray into this arena.
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