Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Palin's first interview

The most important journalist in America this week? It has to be Charlie Gibson of ABC News, who'll conduct the first national one-on-one interview with Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Gibson has to begin asking all the tough questions without looking like he's giving Palin the third-degree. It's a fine line, much the same as Democratic VP hopeful Joe Biden will have to tread in his upcoming debate with Palin.

To be sure, Palin has reinvigorated John McCain's campaign and then some. Poll numbers are favorable to his ticket. The polls also show a wide swing in his ticket's favor from white women, who previously were either undecided or leaning Democrat. What's particularly interesting is that there's evidence that some women have climbed on the Palin bandwagon despite differences regarding some of Palin's positions, notably abortion and gun control.

But Palin must clarify apparent contradictions in her statements on a variety of issues, from the "bridge to nowhere" to accepting earmarks.

Republican strategists obviously believe ABC's Gibson will give Palin a fair shake, or else they wouldn't have granted him the interview. It should be fascinating.
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