Monday, March 3, 2008

Dilapidated no more

Decades ago, when I was a lot younger, a lot thinner and had a lot more hair, I wrote columns about the sad state of Dietz Stadium in Kingston.

The years went by, my weight increased and my hair decreased and Dietz Stadium declined some more before wiser heads prevailed and it was renovated.

It's been quite some time since those days, and I don't get over to Dietz nearly as often as when I was covering sports. But I have found my way there again the last couple of months in search of a place to exercise.

Now, what I call exercise wouldn't pass muster in any fitness club. But walking around the perimeter of the stadium four or five times a session is better than what I'm used to doing physically in the winter: nothing. So I'm feeling pretty good about it.

But enough about me. My real point is that I've become reacquainted with the stadium after all these years as a stranger. It's a far cry from when I would sit on the first base side when it still had a baseball diamond, the dirt blowing in my face, the bleachers creaking and the overall condition of the facility conducive to my describing it in print as "Dilapidated Dietz."

Dietz Stadium today is a crown jewel for the city of Kingston and the Kingston school district. Its use for organized sports and recreational purposes is significant. It's a must-see for anyone considering locating in this community.

The Dietz Stadium I knew in the 1970s was allowed to fall into a state of disrepair. I hope city and school officials never allow that to happen to the Dietz Stadium of today.
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