Friday, January 18, 2008

FAQ, Part 6 (Press releases)

Sixth in a series of frequently asked questions about the Freeman:

How do I get my press release in print?

Not unlike the prior question about photographers, the short answer to this one is, give us plenty of notice, and please understand that we don't have room and resources for everything.

Do your homework and send your press release to the appropriate editor. Call ahead if you're not sure who that is. Someone is more likely to look at something if his/her name is attached to it. And please, don't send the same release to several people here.

Don't send us a press release today about something happening tomorrow. Your odds for publication are slim. The earlier it's received, the better.

Make sure there's contact information on the press release -- name, phone number and e-mail address.

Do expect that your press release will be edited for style and space.

If you don't spot your press release in the paper as a "story," check to see if the event you're promoting has been added to the calendar listings?

The shorter the press release the better. We get dozens a week by snail mail and e-mail.

Still haven't seen the press release in print? Nothing wrong with calling and e-mailing the appropriate editor to determine its whereabouts. But, again, be understanding. Your press release is most important to you. To our editors, it's one of many, from which they have to make judgments about importance and reader interest.
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