Sunday, January 13, 2008

FAQ, Part 5 (Getting a photographer for an event)

Fifth in a series of frequently asked questions about the Freeman:

How do I go about having a Freeman photographer assigned to my event?

Your best chance is to contact us well in advance.

We currently have two full-time photographers on staff. Generally, both work five days a week, seven-and-a-half-hours a day. That means there are days when only one of them is working, since the other has the day off.

Staff photographers are assigned to breaking news, sports events and feature stories. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave much time for a host of worthwhile community events for which our editors get requests for photo coverage. The "appointment book" fills up rather quickly.

So call way ahead of time -- at least two weeks, and that may not be enough. Call the right person. For news assignments, it's Tony Adamis, our assistant managing editor. (If he's not around, try Managing Editor Sam Daleo or City Editor Jeremy Schiffres.) For sports, ring Ron Rosner, sports editor, or his assistant Dave Hines. For features, go to Life Editor Ivan Lajara. Dwayne Kroohs handles the People section.

They'll do their best. But please understand, if an assignment can't be made, it's more likely because of a lack of resources, not a lack of interest.

And, yes, we do accept unsolicited photos e-mailed to one of the above. If the pictures are of good quality, and they're accompanied by accurate, detailed information, including full names, there's a chance they'll be used, if space permits. And if I were you, I'd call ahead to give the editors a heads up.
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