Monday, December 10, 2012

Tweet, tweet

In case you aren't following me on Twitter (and you know who you are), here are some of the tweets and retweets I've posted @IraFusfeld over the last few days:

-- It's official: #Jets are unwatchable.

-- Bettman, Fehr piloting sinking ship of fools in NHL dispute - … via @BostonDotCom

-- ‘Amazing Kreskin' offers to fix ‘cliff'

-- Hard to knock #NYKnicks so far, but it says here they'll eventually fall from the weight of age and injuries.

-- Good story, good album: Professor Louie and the Crowmatix flying high -
doc50c168f317133000257079.txt#.UMIVjFsqjxE.twitter … (from @dailyfreeman)

-- Review: Bill Murray shines as FDR in 'Hyde Park on Hudson'

-- Although they currently have no RF, 3B or C, I'm guessing @Yankees will put nine players on the field come Opening Day.

-- Looks like I'm in minority, but I had no problem with the @nypost photo of the NYC subway tragedy.

-- @MikeFrancesaNY does better interviews when he falls asleep and lets his guests do the talking.

--If I wasn't in the news business, I'd tell you to ignore all the #fiscalcliff stories. The partisan rhetoric will drive you nuts.
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