Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apropos of nothing

• Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the International Monetary Fund chief who’s facing sexual abuse allegations in New York City, looks a lot like the villain in the James Bond movie “Thunderball”, no?
• Arnold cheated on Maria. Show of hands: Anyone surprised? I didn’t think so.
• Those of a certain age remember when an aging Yankees’ star shortstop Phil Rizzuto was released at mid-season. Think Jorge Posada's career in pinstripes isn’t in jeopardy, particularly after the stunt he pulled the other night?
• Who looks sillier: the Donald Trump we’ve seen the last couple of months in his never-to-be-taken-seriously presidential foray, or those members of the media who took him seriously with an excess of air time and print space, thus propping up his non-candidacy?
• Maybe it’s because I’m indoors from early morning to early evening, but I enjoy looking at the rain outside my office window.
• If you write with a complaint to the “fact check” feature on our website, it would be helpful if you gave us a name and return address so somebody here can get back to you. That said, sorry if pop-up ads are annoying, but they’re helping to underwrite the journalism on the site. No pay wall here. Free reader access, 24/7.
• What to make of people who claim they never read our paper anymore, then proceed to tell you everything they didn’t like about that day’s edition?
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