Thursday, October 7, 2010

From the notebook

*It's a minority view, I know, but for my money, the Ryder Cup golf event is nothing more than a manufactured-for-TV excuse to wave the flag. Jingoism, pure and simple. The sight of golfers egging on fans and the sound of galleries cheering when someone misses a putt merely brings to golf some of what's bad about other sports.

*It's also a minority view, I know, but I think winning a divisional title in baseball is a better measurement of a team's worth than winning a short series in the playoffs. If you have the best record after 162 games, you're the best team. As for playoff series and the World Series, anything can happen. Heck, a last place team is capable of beating a first-place team three-out-five or four-out-of-seven. In other words, the best team doesn't always win.

*Those who think the press has been giving Andrew Cuomo's well-known temper a pass as it dissects Angry Carl Paladino have short memories. Cuomo's temperament has been well-documented over the years. (How do you suppose those critical of him know about it?) The thing is, next to Angry Carl, Cuomo is a choir boy. And Cuomo has been able to demonstrate the ability to govern, temper and all. Not so Paladino. We saw what happened when Eliot Spitzer tried to bully Albany. It would be worse with Paladino.

*You don't think the "social media" network is where it's at? Then you haven't seen the way programs like TweetDeck and Twitterific light up like Christmas trees when a big story breaks and those you "follow" on Twitter start informing and/or commenting. Take last night, for instance, when rapid-fire "tweets" about Doc Halliday's no-hitter nearly made my IPad go tilt just seconds after the last out.

*I've mentioned in the past that my son writes for the Fox animated TV series "American Dad". The show marked its 100th episode last Sunday, which means there are enough episodes for syndication. So there are the repeats now showing on TBS and Channel 11, among other outlets, including today's episode, which features an automotive dealership called "Fusfeld Motors". Let the record show it's named after my son, not me.
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