Friday, September 24, 2010

Meanwhile ...

With all the serious matters that have dominated my thoughts at work in recent months, I haven't paid much attention to mundane matters about which I've been known blog.

For example:

*You must see the film "Get Low" and admire the gripping performance by Robert Duvall, one of a handful of actors who can mesmerize an audience.

*I keep tuning into WFAN radio on the way home each evening, hoping for a satisfying sports fix. Instead, I routinely get aggravated by Mike Francesa, whose bullying, know-it-all style is one thing, but whose horrible broadcasting skills are another. If you're a listener, you'll recognize the following oft-repeated phrases as if they were the sounds of chalk on a blackboard: "I mean" ... "obviously" ... "as a matter of fact" ... "no question" ... "I mean" (Oh, did I say that already? Francesa says it repeatedly.) And then there are his endless questions of guests, which are not only redundant, but more often than not statements of his own opinion. (Yes, I know, I can change the station. Believe me, I do.)

*George Steinbrenner was worthy of a place in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. But the size of his plaque/monument is embarrassingly large.

*If I were Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile, I'd have vetoed the unenforceable cat law, too. That said, there's this cat that keeps showing up in my driveway in Woodstock and we can't figure out to whom it belongs and how to shoo it on its way. Animal control officer, take note.

*Can't say I don't share some of the anger of those who are trying to upset the political apple cart in this country. But I'd feel a lot better about them and their candidates if they stopped telling us they're angry and instead let us know specifically what they'd do to make things better. You'll never hear me automatically pooh-pooh a "throw the bums out" approach to politics. But you won't earn my vote if all you do is speak in slogans.
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