Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The fast lane

I was going about 70 mph on the Thruway late Tuesday afternoon. I was en route to a meeting in Albany when I was passed, as my father might have said, like I was standing still.

Before the SUV left me and others in the dust, I noticed the license plate: NY Assembly 109.

A short time later, a sedan with Jersey plates also passed, faster than I was going, but at a much slower speed than Assembly 109.

Several minutes thereafter, near Exit 21A, the Jersey guy had been pulled over by a trooper. Assembly 109 was nowhere to be seen.

I'm hoping that trooper simply didn't come along in time to see Assembly 109 zoom by and would have stopped given the chance. Everyone is treated equally, right?

By the way, Bob Reilly of the Capital District is the assemblyman from the 109th District. I couldn't tell who was behind the wheel of the SUV with the Assembly 109 plate. Whoever it was dodged a ticket.
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