Thursday, April 30, 2009


I learned this week that I have leukemia.

They tell me it's not the most serious kind, but, hey, it's leukemia, so you'll excuse me for being less than cheerful.

That said, I'm optimistic, based on what I know so far.

I'll get the second opinion, undergo the chemo, lose all my hair and some of my weight, and hopefully emerge in about six months with a healthier bloodstream and a new look on life.

I don't expect to revisit my circumstance in this space beyond today's entry. Nor will I write about it in paper. But I am mentioning it this one time merely to make followers of the blog (you know who you are) aware of why I'm likely to go long periods without fresh commentaries.

At nearly 61 years of age, the next chapter of my life is about to unfold. You never can be sure what's around the next corner.

No need for prayers, but it's OK to keep your fingers crossed.
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