Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend leftovers

Weekend leftovers:

- After their debate Friday night, John McCain was described in some quarters as too cranky and Barack Obama was called too cool. Did anyone say commentators were trying to speak in codes?

- Even the most enthusiastic Sarah Palin supporter had to be chagrined with her interview with Katie Couric.

- So laughable was that interview, Saturday Night Live's spot-on parody with Tina Fey almost didn't out-do it.

- Shea Stadium never held a candle to Yankee Stadium in a historical sense. And the big Shea couldn't compare with Yankee Stadium in appearance. But give the Mets credit for putting on a better stadium farewell ceremony Sunday than did the Yankees the week before. It was capped by a particularly moving scene, as Tom Seaver tossed a ceremonial final pitch to Mike Piazza, then the duo walked out through the centerfield gate, closing it behind them as the stadium lights dimmed. Nice touch.

- As for the Mets' annual collapse, for all the talk about their lousy bullpen, fact is, they didn't hit in the clutch. The pitching was good enough against Florida to sweep that series. Instead, the Mets dropped two of three.

- Maybe he was in the right place at the right time - considering changing demographics and widespread disgust with the other party in the wake of the jail debacle and rising taxes - but give credit to outgoing Ulster County Democratic Chairman John Parete for leading his party to prominence on his watch.

- Back to the debate. I called it a draw. There were no real blockbuster moments, pro or con. But the fact that Obama more than held his own with McCain made it a good night for the Democrats.
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