Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dead on arrival

The Associated Press is reporting this afternoon that a proposed cap on the state property tax is dead, barely out of the starting gate, because the teachers' unions and others in organized labor have urged its demise.

AP points out that the cap, recommended by a special gubernatorial commission, has the support of the governor and "72 percent of New Yorkers."

The unions allege the cap "would hurt schools despite record state aid increases, more than 70 percent of which pays for the salaries and benefits of those fighting the cap," says AP.

Our editorial board hadn't come to any conclusions about the cap. We certainly support getting a handle on skyrocketing property taxes, but acknowledge that tying it to education could be problematic. We were looking forward to a healthy debate in the Legislature. Not anymore, it seems.

Opponents on the property tax have every right to state their views. But lawmakers shouldn't be pulling the plug before the idea gets a complete airing. Beleaguered constituents deserve nothing less.
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