Friday, June 6, 2008

Just ask, don't tell

There may be no more entertaining - and infuriating - political talk program on cable than the one Chris Matthews runs on MSNBC.

A former newspaper columnist, Matthews has excellent guests and an obvious passion for politics - and he asks tough questions. And he asks and he asks and he asks ...

Chris, come back to us. Let the guests talk. Don't ask and answer. Don't ask the same thing four different ways in the same sentence. Let the guests tell us what they think; that's ostensibly why you wanted them on the program in the first place. There's time in your hour for you to spout your point of view.

Your partner, Keith Olbermann, has caught that drift on his "Countdown" program with his occasional "special comment" essays.

Chris, MSNBC really has become "the place for politics." You've lured us into the tent. Don't chase us away.
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