Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This and that

* I never had the pleasure of speaking one-on-one with Phil Rizzuto during my sportswriting days, but I did enjoy his company several times as part of larger groups. I'm reminded of one time prior to a post-season game at Yankee Stadium, where there was a hospitality room set up for media and baseball people in the large space typically used for indoor batting practice. Rizzuto was heading down the corridor leading to the Yankees' clubhouse, an entourage of friends, colleagues and admirers surrounding him as he laughed and greeted and waved his way. I'm here to endorse what you've heard and read from others: I'm not aware of anyone ever uttering a negative word about the Scooter.

* Environmentalists will be happy to learn we're using less fax paper these days. Now that the Congress and state Legislature are out of session, we're not receiving an unending stream of press releases boasting pork projects generated by local representatives.

* The recall of millions of toys, many of which had lead paint, is certainly proper if it successfully prevents generations of youngsters from being exposed to potentially harmful substances. But it sure does make this parent wonder what toys my boys handled when they were toddlers. Heck, who knows what I had in my tox box in the early '50s?

* The state comptroller is due here for an editorial board meeting this morning. Last time we hosted a state comptroller, it was Alan Hevesi, in what turned out to the first stop on an unsuccessful mea culpa tour that led to his ouster and criminal conviction. We have no reason to expect that kind of news from Thomas DiNapoli today.

* We've been trying to get Eliot Spitzer back for an editorial board. Spitzer the candidate -- and Columbia County neighbor -- stopped by during the gubernatorial campaign. Then he mostly stayed away from editorial boards until the recent "Troopergate" brouhaha, which has led him to meetings at several of the state's larger newspapers. The door's always open, governor.

* Andrew Cuomo never did make it here when he was running for attorney general. We'd love to see him, too. AGs Spitzer, Dennis Vacco and Bob Abrams (the latter several times) were visitors during their time in office.
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