Friday, August 10, 2007

Living large (parcel)

So far, the Freeman has received a couple of letters to the editor and one comment on our Website critical of a recent editorial on the "Large Parcel" law. No problem. Editorials are published, in part, to stir discussion. The next editorial with which everybody agrees will be the first.

But the critics, all from the town of Olive, where "Large Parcel" has been particularly controversial, given its potential unfavorable impact on local taxes, all have chosen to personalize their rebuttals by citing me by name. The gist of the complaint is that since I reside in Woodstock, where "Large Parcel" apparently will be beneficial, our editorials and news coverage have been biased for personal reasons.

It doesn't work that way, not here at least. Although I almost never write editorials, I certainly have the authority to influence them if I choose. More often than not, I don't. Anything we've done on "Large Parcel" has been produced by others. I have no strong feelings about the subject one way or the other. Perhaps I should, not because it might involve me personally (incidentally, I reside within the Kingston School District), but because it has divided people in the Onteora School District, an important part of our readership.

Critical of a Freeman editorial? No problem; send a letter to the editor. There's a good chance it will be printed. Want the editorial board to change its mind? Don't allege something it knows firsthand isn't true.
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