Monday, May 14, 2007

Where's the story?

I'm told that one of our reporters is working on a story today about an incident that allegedly occurred in a local school district and has already been reported by another regional newspaper.
Seems somebody contacted the other paper and provided it with all it needed for a story. Unfortunately, nobody called us. And official police and school sources, from what I understand, had nothing to say. So it's taken our staff a while to catch up. After all, you just can't copy a story from another paper and put it in your paper. That's called plagiarism.

Understandably, we've received a bunch of calls from readers in that school district wanting to know why we haven't reported the story. Our editors tell them. "Cover up," some cry.

Why in the world would we "cover up" a juicy story that just might enable us to sell more newspapers?
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