Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who knew?

- That Pyramid Company no longer runs the Hudson Valley Mall? I missed that one completely. It's been over a year since Edgewater Company took over.

- That RNN-TV is still on the air? OK, I'm being facetious. I know RNN is around. It's just that I stopped hearing about(and watching) RNN (formerly WTZA) when it shifted its home base to Westchester County and essentially abandoned local programming. But there is a half-hour devoted to "Kingston Now" and, lo and behold, I'm a guest at 11 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 1. Jimmy Buff of WDST radio is the host.

- That Madison Square Garden honcho (and SUNY New Paltz grad) James Dolan doesn't always throw away money? I mean, among his recent overexpenditures were on guys like underachieving Eddy Curry, selfish Carmelo Anthony and aging Jason Kidd. And that's just recently with the Knicks, not counting what he unwisely spent on the Rangers over the years. Suddenly Mr. Spendthrift Dolan chose not to open the cash register for Jeremy Lin, a largely unproven player, but one with enormous popularity who could generate millions in ticket and apparel sales. Seems like the right basketball decision, which would make it unusual for Dolan.

- That this year's Ulster County Business Awards dinner will be the ninth such event? Seems like only yesterday that the first committee meeting convened. This year's presentations will be on Nov. 1 at Wiltwyck Golf Club. Not too late to nominate candidates in a variety of categories. Go to either or for details. But hurry, deadline for entries is drawing near.

- That "Episodes", the Matt LeBlanc sitcom on Showtime, would improve so much this season after a mediocre first year?

- That Imus himself has become the last reason to listen to "Imus in the Morning"? Once cutting edge, Imus' act is old and worn. But his WAMC-77 AM radio and Fox Business Network show is worth the time because of Bernard McGuirk, Warner Wolf and, especially, Rob Bartlett.

- That the Olympics start a week from Friday in London? Oh, you knew about it if you've been watching one of NBC's channels, which have been promoting and promoting and promoting the heck out of the coverage they'll provide (and for which NBC paid big bucks to secure). Other broadcasters will get around to mentioning the Olympics eventually. As we've seen often over the years, TV networks go overboard hyping events they're airing. Put another way, do you think NBC Sports people would be talking about the Tour de France if they didn't own the rights?

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