Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obstructed view

I'm watching the first game at the new Yankee Stadium on the YES network the other night and something caught my eye: Primary shots of the field were partially obscured by the netting behind home plate.

It wasn't a big deal; I got used to it. But it struck me as odd, given all the care and money that went into building the stadium and its internal facilities, that viewers would get an obstructed picture.

That said, I figured I must have been the only one who noticed.


Apparently plenty of viewers weren't happy about it, including New York Daily News columnist Bob Raissman and his New York Post counterpart Phil Mushnick, the latter also correctly pointing out the distractions from the stadium's large billboards.

It's unlikely the advertisements will shrink in size, but with the criticism of its telecasts, I'll be shocked if the Yankees and YES don't come up with a Plan B that bypasses the netting.
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