Friday, July 13, 2007

Seek and hide

The editors received an anonymous piece of mail this morning. I wish I could tell you this is unusual, but it happens all the time.

In this instance, the envelope contained a clipping from another daily newspaper. It was a nice feature on an Ulster County youth. Attached to it was a typewritten note chastising us for not having done the same story. No name, no phone number, no address.

That's a pity because somebody would have replied. We might have said, thanks for the tip; we didn't know about this story, we'll get right on it. Or, we might have said, thanks, we'd love to do this story, but we have too many others on the docket right now; hope you understand. Or, we might have asked the tipster if he/she knew how many Ulster County stories we published the day the other paper's lone Ulster County story appeared.

Point is, if you think we've made a mistake of omission or commission, don't hesitate to let us know. We appreciate the feedback, really. Maybe we'll agree with you, maybe we won't. There isn't any particular reason to be nasty. Put another way, don't take it personally. But by all means, don't be a coward. Sign your name. Tell us how we can reply, by snail mail or email or phone or all three.
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